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The SPEATBC Mentorship Program is designed for recent immigrants and students, who may be unfamiliar with the career placement options in Engineering and Technology in British Columbia.

Often the best and most aspiring advice comes from listening to the personal experiences of others. SPEATBC has a number of professional and practicing engineers and technologists who want to share their experience with those wishing to enter the BC Engineering and Technology workplace.

Communication with mentors can provide realistic information about training options, employment conditions, cultural nuances and job responsibility. In addition to information about their careers, mentors may lend insight or advice regarding the job market.

The SPEATBC mentors have acquired knowledge and insights about a range of topics that may not have been part of your education:

  • What kinds of jobs are there for people with a background in Engineering and Technology?
  • What professional organizations can help?
  • How do I get accredited in Canada?
  • How can I improve my resume?
  • How should I present myself in the job market?
  • How have others made the transition into the job market?
  • How do I get a potential employer to talk to me?
  • Are there training courses I should take to upgrade to the marketplace?

A mentor can work with you to develop answers to these and other questions. They can discuss your thinking about what you would like to do and help you define concrete steps to reach your goals.

If you’d like to enter the SPEATBC Mentorship program, please fill out a SPEATBC Mentorship Application Form.

These forms are reviewed every month by the SPEATBC Mentorship Committee. If your application is approved, you will be assigned a mentor for a period of 3 months. Your mentor is a volunteer and will give you as much time has he/she has available. You should not expect your mentor to give you or find you a job.


SPEATBC is inviting applications for the new mentorship program.

If you have been fortunate enough to settle in a good career or are no longer in need of a mentor, please imform us so that we can take you off our mentorship applicant list.

All applicants must complete the Mentorship Application Form and be located in the Lower Mainland during the mentorship program.

Each approved applicant will be matched with a SPEATBC Mentor for a period of three months.

The Mentor will be available to help provide guidance on career development:

  • Reviewing resumes
  • Recommending contacts/companies for the applicant to contact
  • Interviewing skills
  • Educational upgrades
  • Professional designation

The Mentor is not responsible for:

  • Finding the applicant a job or university position
  • Acting as a reference for a job

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